Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basic website package includes up to 5 website pages, 3 business email accounts, 1Gb hosting and 1hrs maintenance per month.

Any additional hours spent on updates etc. on the website once it is published will be charged separately on a per hour basis.

The Basic package only offers basic features (pictures, 1 video, contact form, social media links) and would not include features such as Whatsapp chat, Live chat, online bookings, other media types other than those specified etc.

Nope, there are no hidden fees. What you sign up for is what you get invoiced each month. Please do note however, that any monthly updates done in excess of what is specified on the website package you choose will be charged separately and included on your monthly invoice. 

Yes we do! All our website packages come with hosting so you get the price of two services for one! The storage available for each package is specified on our Home / Website design pages.

Yes there are. Please refer to the specified limits per website design package on our Website Design page

Yes, our monthly website design prices are fixed. Please do note that though we seldom increase our prices, factors such as the economy, operational costs etc. may result in price increases, however, these would be communicated to you well in advance.

To get started, please ‘Sign Up’ for your preferred website design package via this website. One of our friendly consultants will be in touch with you to discuss your website needs further before issuing you with a quotation. Once your first payment has been made and all your content etc. is received, we will then commence with designing the site.

Yes we do! Find out more about this service on our Web Development page.

This solely depends on the specifications of your required application.

We normally require a detailed explanation (in writing) of what you are looking for and based on that, we compile a quotation for you.

For Basic, Advanced and Premium website design, we require 7 working days at most.

eCommerce stores typically take about a week or two to set up, depending on the website features required.

Please note that the period specified above only starts from the day we receive all the required content from you to get started on the website.

Yes you most certainly can. We offer once-off payment options on all of our website design packages. Please refer to the Home or Website Design Pages for more information on the pricing.

No you will not. We offer our website design service on a month-to-month basis, and you are welcome to cancel your subscription any time, provided that you give us a calendar months’ notice.

Once you decide to cancel your subscription, you will lose the website design and emails hosted.

Should you wish to keep the website design, you can purchase it from us at the once-off fee applicable to your selected website design package. For example, if you were on a Basic package, and decide to cancel, you would be required to purchase the website design at the applicable once-off fee for the Basic package as shown on our website.

Kindly mail us on, please ensure you provide us with a calendar months’ notice (i.e. we start counting from the 1st of each month). Therefore, if you submit a cancellation on the 15th June, your last day of service will be the 31st July.

No there are no penalties. However, please be aware of the terms and conditions surrounding cancellations where development of an application or software is concerned. You can view these terms on our Terms of use page.

To get started, please ‘Sign-Up’ for the eCommerce package. One of our consultants will contact you to discuss your eCommerce needs. Thereafter, they will advise you on what content you are required to send to us for the site.

Based on your website requirements, we will quote you a once-off set-up fee, as well as your first months’ subscription fee. As soon as payment has been made and all the content required has been sent to us, we will commence with developing and designing your store!

Yes you do. This is because the design remains the property of Essential Web.

However, we do offer an option for you to purchase the design from us. Please see Point 12 above.

By default we do not. We simply design and maintain the website for you.

If you would like for us to also market the website for you, please contact us on and one of our digital marketing staff will be in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Please do note that our digital marketing services are charged for separately.

Yes we can! That is one of the things we do best.

Please send an email enquiry to for further assistance.

By default, no they do not. SEO is a service that we offer as part of our Digital Marketing service offering.
Please refer to the Digital Marketing page for further information, or email us on

Yes you can upgrade your service. To do so, please email us on with your desired package details.

Our Accounts department will issue a pro-rated invoice for the difference between your old and desired package, and once this has been paid you will then be upgraded. Upgrades on both website design and web hosting packages are processed immediately.

Although this mostly depends on your website requirements (i.e. how much information you wish to have on your site, how you would like this information to be presented etc.), we recommend that you start off on the Basic package. This package has sufficiently met the needs of most start-up companies we have worked with.

You can upgrade anytime you require additional website features.